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Core Services

Corporate Branding 

It is essential that the identity your business or product has illustrates your brand

values and communicates effectively with your target market. Corporate

branding is carried out through each brand 'touch point' or where you have an

opportunity to communicate your potential customers. This runs through each

aspect of corporate identity (business cards, letterheads, website etc) including

to some extent maintaining brand standards in promotional campaigns as well.

Direct Marketing 

Direct Marketing is a campaign which is targeted to a certain group of individuals

or potential customers. A form of below the line communication, it is geared to

increasing sales revenue. The challenge we face is to produce a campaign of

outstanding creative in order to persuade the receiver to actually open it and

then be motivated to act on it - this is the clever part!


The nature of advertising has changed dramatically with the advent and use of

new technologies and media used by the public. For example TV advertising has

dropped significantly with the advent of digital TV and the growing use of the

internet. This has had knock-on effect on the growth of 'out-of-home'

advertising where the strategic use of posters billboards and other forms of

communication have become paramount. As a result new innovative messages

and creative concepts as well as new technologies to revitalize existing formats

are imperative in order for people to memorize the brand.

Promotional Campaign

A promotional or marketing campaign is a strategy designed to maximise brand

awareness and or sales. A promotional campaign can utilise both below and

above the line communication which creates synergies in terms of media

communication. An analysis of the market precedes the creation of a marketing

calendar where specific types of promotion can be planned throughout the

year. CreativeMagic, as a fully integrated marketing communications company,

can create marketing plans which utilise print media, advertising, direct

marketing, online promotions as well as PR and publicity stunts for product


Corporate Gifts, Incentives & Promotions

It is essential that the identity your business or product has illustrates your brand

values and communicates effectively with your target market.

Certainly, the benefits of sending out branded souvenirs can never be

underestimated. It is an expression of gratitude and mutual benefits in business at

the same time serving as a good way of marketing. While corporate gifts are

beneficial in business because it may help stretch the personal options of the


CreativeMagic is well positioned to eliminate the stress and difficulties encountered

in the selection of corporate gifts. This allows you to effectively tackle your pressing

business challenges. Either your company is trying to lay more solid foundations on

relations or just promoting good working relationship to its prospects, our unique

top of the range gifts can be used to build company spirit and to reward its people for

their achievements.

Application Interface Design, Website Design & Development

From simple HTML online brochures to fully integrated Business Management Tools

utilising the latest technologies, CreativeMagic is well placed to help your company

build a solid web presence. It is one step to build an attractive and

functional site, but it is equally important, if not more so to drive traffic to the

website so that potential customers know you are there and buys your products

or services.

Data Base & Email Marketing

Database and Email Marketing utilises all the benefits of database marketing -

the ability to segment and profile each customer to create targeted campaigns

but in a more cost effective way: email marketing does not require the same

costs of production as Direct Mail for example, nor does it cost anything to send.

Further, the email marketing campaigns implemented by CreativeMagic

Marketing Communications can be tracked to analyse where recipients click and

assess traffic spikes so campaign performance can be evaluated, and the

campaign can be adjusted if necessary to improve results.

Youtube & Corporate Video Design

Youtube and a corporate video is perhaps the most accessible element of any website.

A corporate video conveys information quickly and coherently to the audience

wherever they are. A corporate video is quickly coming to be what people expect

to see on a website. Because the cost of video production has collapsed while the

access to market has increased through smart phones and tablets, a corporate video

represents perhaps the best ROI in a company’s sales and marketing portfolio.

Motion Graphics, 2D/3D Animation Production

Motion graphics describe any process that pure video cannot. Motion graphics

are a very powerful way to describe huge events and things. They are often

the only way to describe a complex process or service simply because they

are so esoteric.


Animation is a great way to talk about what you do or liven up a corporate

message. Anything you can imagine we can animate. Products can be created

from CAD files supplied, then animated in 3D space. Along with a voice over, this

allows clients to illustrate the key product features and USP's e.g. by spinning the

product or perhaps by exploding it to show its discrete components. Providing

examples of products in this way is an ideal way to ensure your international sales

force stay current with the latest product developments.


Whatever your animation project demands, our passionate creative team will be

glad to assist in bringing your ideas to live from concept to production.